• We’re back home after about 10000km. Just a short trip and we’re raring to get going again.

    We made it out through Dalby, Roma, Carnarvon Gorge, Mitchell, CharIeville, Quilpie, Noccundra, Nappa Merrie, lnnamincka then back through Thargomindah, Bollon Texas, Ballina and down the coast to North Haven then home.

    Thanks for all the help from Cisco along the way, sorry for a lot of silly questions. I’m still learning a thing or two. Thanks lan too. The van has gone really well and I’m gaining heaps of confidence, I’ve been a bit cautious to start with but we’ve realIy got into the corrugations and bull dust with no real visible signs of dust getting into the van. The dust pressuriser seems to be really doing the trick,

    We’ve certainly had a fantastic time on our first trip thanks to the way you guys have put our van together.

    Many thanks and the best Regards.

    John & Joyce Blair
  • Last year we went to the Caravan show and walked around all the caravans & thoroughly inspected the ones we thought would be suitable.

    I would walk inside and John would immediately lie on his stomach and look underneath.

    So we were attacking our final decision from two completely different angles you might say. A lot of the vans were very pretty inside but didn’t give us the impression that we could do any more than stay on the bitumen and John was not impressed with some of the finishes underneath the vans and structurally as well.

    Then we found the Phoenix stand and inspected the two vans on display, John was extremely impressed with the construction of the chassis and the way the interior fittings were built in to add to the strength of the van and I was completely blown away with the design and finish of the interior.

    Over the next 6 months we talked to a lot of customers who came into our marine business and who owned caravans. In every instance when John mentioned we might get a Phoenix they would tell him about the wonderful Phoenix vans they had seen and how they were built strong and reliable and every Phoenix Owner were completely happy with their van. So it seems to us that the Phoenix caravan is regarded as the ROLLS ROYC,E, of the caravan world.

    We made the big step to contact Phoenix and within a few days, we went to their factory in Caboolture, armed with all their brochures from the caravan show. Clint showed us through the caravans in various stages of construction. On the assembly line and we saw for ourselves the whole process of the construction from chassis to the finishing touches.

    The very last Phoenix we saw was 5,8 metre Tanami with a fibreglass body ”this was the One” we placed an order that afternoon.

    John & Anne Cleaver
  • No big fish photos yet but just a quick note to say how pleased we are with our new Phoenix.

    After a few minor adjustments at the weighbridge, the van is travelling so well, we are already planning our next around Australia trip.

    This time we can confidently visit all the off road tracks that we missed in 2006.

    Thanks again to your dedicated team for producing a caravan which I believe is the best available.

    Neil Russell
  • Since we took delivery of our Phoenix Federation Nomad caravan in October 2007, we have been on the road almost continuously.

    Our Phoenix has now covered 17000kms of varied terrain – we have free camped approx 1/3 of our travel time and found all the features of our van to work to a very high standard. Particularly the in-house integrated solar system.

    We have no hesitation in recommending the Phoenix caravan to anyone and would welcome any prospective buyer contacting us for our opinion.

    Bob & Glenys Bennett
  • This is just a note to let you know we’ve been travelling. All told we have done 14000km in the van.

    This trip we’ve travelled down the east coast as far as Hobart, up through the centre from Adelaide to Darwin.

    The only problem we’ve experienced is a blown light globe (and we know you didn’t manufacture the bulb), and the van has been towing beautifully …

    We are extremely happy with the van. We don’t feel as though we have been roughing it at all. It is very comfortable.

    John & Judy
  • We picked up our Scorpion Super Gunbarrel last August and drove it home to SA.

    We took a route via Innaminka, so gave the van a real test on some very bad roads. ┬áNot a speck of dust came inside the van – fantastic.

    Last summer we made three short trips in SA, camping for the most part in National Parks – thanks to the wonderful SA National Parks pass, and free camps. Everything in our van works perfectly, we’ve managed to give it a good test.

    Itching now to get on to that big trip, living in our van for an extended period. We just love our van, and it gets so many compliments.

    Peter & Genevieve Swinstead